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Netflix Just Released The Teaser Trailer For The Babysitter’s Club Reboot And I’m Already Stoked

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Did anyone else read all of the Babysitter’s Club books? Watch the movie? Play the board game? Pretend you were a part of their lives?!?! Just me? It couldn’t have been just me…


I’m sure for many of you out there, The Babysitter’s Club has a nice nostalgic place in your heart. And when I heard the news that there would be a reboot movie, I was both ecstatic and a little concerned. (Because they better not mess this up!)


Netflix has decided to drop us a little teaser trailer and we couldn’t be more than thrilled!

*INTERNAL CHILDHOOD SCREAMING* I can’t wait…like seriously. This hits me in the nostalgic feels so hard that my heart may burst.


This reboot is set to premiere on Netflix July 3rd, but now that the teaser trailer is out, I’m gonna need them to move up that date. K Thanks.


I am feeling all the feelings right now. Not only did I devour all 200+ BSC books (including the Baby-Sitters Little Sister spinoff series), watched the 1990 TV series and the 1995 movie.


We have less than two months to wait, but soon, we will get the chance to spend our summer with our fictional childhood BFFs of the past, Claudia, Kristy, Stacey, Mary Anne, and Dawn.


While the series will be getting a 2020 makeover, don’t worry, The Baby-Sitters Club Netflix version will still stay true to its roots.


“We’ve loved thinking about each of the characters and translating them into the present,” Rachel Shukert explained to Entertainment Weekly. She continued, “If you take a kid like Kristy who in the ’80s was this sporty tomboy, who is she in the world now? She’s like this girl boss. Who is Dawn, somebody who was a vegetarian and paved the way for that in the ’80s? Now we’re at this time where she might be somebody with a real social justice bent, an activist about the environment and about income inequality and stuff like that. Just bringing them into modernity was really interesting, thinking about how we could tell these stories through a modern lens.”


I’m personally super excited (If you couldn’t already tell!) What character are you most excited to see rebooted?


Oh and you can check out the teaser trailer below.

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