Netflix Releases A New Feature Meant to Make Movie and TV Recommendations Better

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Netflix is about to making finding the perfect show to binge watch, even easier!

Earlier this week Netflix launched a new featured that allows you to tell them when you really love a show versus just like a show.

The idea is that, by loving something, they can further give you recommendations of shows and movies to watch based on things you already love.

The feature is called “Two Thumbs Up,” and it looks exactly like it sounds.

While you can normally thumbs up (like) a show/movie or thumbs down (dislike) a show/movie, this feature gives a third option – a double thumbs up (love).

Netflix’s director of product innovation Christine Doig-Cardet, says the new feature was stemmed from user feedback that they wanted “more control and agency in order to tailor their experience to their tastes more.”


“Members really wanted that nuanced differentiation between liking a title and loving it,”

“Thumbs up and thumbs down wasn’t sufficient enough to express the range of how they felt after watching a Netflix show or movie.”


So, when you’re watching a show, it may ask you to rate your feeling on that show and you’ll have the ability to like, dislike or double thumbs up.

What do you think? Do you like this new feature?

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