Noah Centineo and The Chick From Riverdale Have a New movie Coming Out On Netflix!

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Look, we already know Noah is the perfect boyfriend but it turns out he’s the perfect date too. At least that’s what his new Netflix movie promises us.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Mediapunch/REX/Shutterstock (9699592da) Noah Centineo

Yes, that’s right Noah is coming back and this time, it’s a new movie on Netflix with the chick from Riverdale (Camila Mendes).

The hopeless romantic in me couldn’t be more excited.

I mean, I am the type of girl that watches The Notebook 10x times and just cannot get enough of it.

So, I’ve been waiting for Netflix to make a move again in the romance department.

After all, it has been a while since we’ve seen something new and romantic from them.

We’ve seen lots of scary, lots of weird, and lots of head-scratching and OMG moments (yes, I am referring to Abducted in Plain Sight) – I still cannot fathom that one!

But in all seriousness, I am very excited about Netflix’s new movie called The Perfect Date.

The Perfect Date stars Noah Centineo and Camila Mendes. Noah plays Brooks Rattigan, who is trying to save money for college. So, creates an app where people can rent him as their stand-in boyfriend.

But as you can imagine, being a fake boyfriend for a million different people gets exhausting. Eventually he falls in love with someone along the way…

Dun, Dun, Duuuun…

So, when is this releasing?

Well, Netflix originally teased us by posting THIS on Instagram:

But later on followed up with this:

So, there you have it, mark your calendars for April 12th. Get your babe to watch it with you so maybe he’ll pick up a few pointers about “The Perfect Date”. WHOOP!

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