Ok Boomer Is Everything We Didn’t Know We Needed

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Are you sick and tired of old people calling you a special snowflake? Have you had it up to HERE with a grandpa telling you to just suck it up and work harder?

Then, OK Boomer is the phrase for you. The next time someone tells you that you just need to save more and work a second job, you don’t have to give them a stare glare, you don’t have to go all Beyonce lemonade on them, you just need to shrug and throw an, “Ok Boomer” their way.

Worried this won’t work for you? Oh, you have no idea my friend, no idea. Toss an “Ok Boomer at anyone over the age of thirty-five, and they will pee through their adult diapers right there.

The next time your grandpa tries to tell you about how he didn’t fight for your freedom so you could sit around and play video games all day, you don’t have to cry into your cheerios. You don’t have to go mow the lawn.

You now have the answer. Look him dead in the eye and say, “Ok Boomer.”

I promise this will get him. Right in the feels.

Maybe your parents are a little older. Maybe they’re sick of you living in their basement and eating all their food. Maybe they don’t want to charge you “rent” anymore and just want to live out their golden years in peace, without Spaghetti-O cans and Monster energy discards littering their kitchen.

When they go to kick you out. To tell you it’s time to live on your own– you don’t have to go. You have the perfect phrase to resist their evil.

“Ok Boomer.” Say this, and they will be powerless against it. It’s not up to them anymore, it’s up to you. You just changed the narrative. You just flipped the script.

Ok Boomer puts the millennial and the Gen Z in charge. Forget the Xennials, they don’t even count anyway.

Ok Boomer will take them all down. So help us all.

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