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The Stay At Home Mom’s Guide To Daily Cleaning

I don’t know how it goes at your house, but I tend to be a bit scatterbrained with my cleaning.

I start in my son’s room, stripping the sheets off the bed, but I find a dirty bowl. So, I take it to the kitchen.

Then I realize the dishes need to be done, so I start in on them.

But, I find a styrofoam cup in the sink. I go to throw it away, but the trash is full.

So, I start to take out the trash, only to see a sock next to the trash can.

Then, I go take that sock to the dirty clothes, only to find that it’s completely full.

So, I start sorting the laundry —

Thus the day goes. I never finish one project, because I find about a million side projects to do.

I had to get a bit more organized with my weekly cleaning schedule, because NOTHING was getting completely done. I was feeling totally overwhelmed, and my house showed it.

The big stuff wasn’t getting done, because I was focusing all my time on the little extra stuff.

As a result of my disorganization, I give you my weekly cleaning chart! I try to stick to the big things on the list, and then fill in my time with little things like dishes and laundry — the things that are never ending.

Hopefully this list will at least start you on the path to your own weekly cleaning schedule. You may find more stuff to do, or you may think this is too much. You can totally change things on the list to fit your cleaning routine.

I PROMISE getting more organized with the cleaning will help you feel so much better.

The difference was like night and day for my anxiety and stress levels. And, my house looks consistently good — Bonus!!

Once you tackle the weekly cleaning schedule, you might even have time enough to start on this special Getting Ready For Fall Cleaning Checklist!!