The President of DC Films Admits Amber Heard and Jason Momoa Had No Chemistry

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Yesterday, Amber Heard’s legal team tried to paint the picture that Amber’s career has been ruined by Johnny and this negative publicty.

Today, they had Walter Hamada, president of DC Films for Warner Bros. Pictures, testify through a pre-recorded video deposition.

During the deposition, Walter is asked questions regarding whether or not Amber Heard was ever fired from the Aquaman franchise and what the reasoning may be.

Walter went on to explain that she was never fired from the movies, and that Amber’s role in the movies was more based on the fact that she didn’t have chemistry with Jason Momoa.

“As a company, we go through a lot of trouble when we make our deals with actors,” Hamada testified. “We get the options for subsequent movies and I think prior to me joining the company, every option was renegotiated. And on of the things we’re putting a reign on was not renegotiating every deal.”

Warner Bros.

He also went on to deny that the company reduced Amber’s role in “Aquaman 2,” saying the sequel was built around the male characters.

Warner Bros.

Well, DUH. Everyone watched Aquaman for one reason – Jason Momoa. After all, he was the lead character.

When referencing Amber’s role, he tried to explain that she didn’t have any natural chemistry with Jason Momoa and the studio basically had to force the chemistry through good editing of scenes and music to make it work.

He also went on to say that these things happen sometimes and it’s fairly common so it’s not like they singled her out, it just didn’t work chemistry wise.

“Editorially, they were able to make that relationship work in the first movie but there was a concern that it took a lot of effort to get there and would we better off casting someone who had better more natural chemistry with Jason Momoa,” Hamada said.

So, looks like those rumors of Amber and Jason not having chemistry are true.

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