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Applebee’s Just Took Ordering Takeout To The Next Level And It’s Going To Be So Easy

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Applebee’s has just made it super easy to order takeout from their restaurants, and there’s no internet ordering involved.

Restaurant eating has never been so easy, right?

We used to be a society that would wait hours in a mass of people in front of a restaurant for hours just to get a seat inside.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve waited outside an Olive Garden, a Carrabba’s, or an Outback Steakhouse. They give you one of those little blinking plastic buzzers that goes off when it’s FINALLY your turn.

Thanks to places like GrubHub and UberEats, we have learned that we can get that SAME yumm-o food delivered to the comfort of our own homes.

Believe it or not, some people forego the internet ordering, and still use their phones to call restaurants to get their takeout food.

Applebee’s just took a step to making that telephone ordering simple and painless.

How many times have you called a restaurant, only to be put on hold? Or, maybe you had to yell over the sound of a crowded room, only to have to repeat yourself so the hostess can hear you.

Then you cross your fingers and pray that your order is going to come out the way you actually wanted.

That’s not going to be a problem the next time you call Applebee’s to get your riblet basket to go.

According to CNN, about half of Applebee’s restaurants already outsource their mobile orders to a call center. But, if Applebee’s gets their way, the majority of all mobile orders will be rerouted to a call center.

I’d like to get, in an ideal world, almost all of those [restaurants] to utilize the call center.

John Cywinski, Applebee’s President

Why Is Applebee’s Going To A Call Center For Takeout Orders?

This is not only super convenient for the person trying to make a takeout order, but it’s good business for the restaurant.

See, they can take advantage of the situation to try and upsell you on items that might compliment your order.

Oh, that isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes extra barbecue sauce or a started salad is exactly what you didn’t know you actually needed.

Not only can these call centers upsell you on items, but with restaurants being so incredibly short staffed these days, the call center will free up restaurant staff to focus on their jobs.

That’s a win, AMIRITE?!?

Now, this move to a call center for takeout meals doesn’t mean you can’t talk to the restaurant directly if you have a question or a problem.

You can ALWAYS speak to someone actually present in the restaurant. You will just get the option to place an order with the call center when you dial the restaurant.

What Happens When You Place An Order Through The Call Center?

One of two things can happen.

You can place an order with an automated system. This is usually quick and painless — much like ordering online.

You can actually talk to a living human being who can verify your order.

Sometimes, an automated machine doesn’t understand what you are trying to order. An actual person can actually troubleshoot and make sure you get exactly what you want.

So, next time you try to place your to-go order from Applebee’s, don’t be shocked and surprised when you have a completely painless ordering experience.

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