Johnny Depp’s Plastic Surgeon Takes The Stand and His Testimony Blew Things Out of The Water

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Today marks the 2nd day this week of the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial.

We’ve already heard from the President of DC Films and now, we are hearing from Johnny Depp’s Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. David A. Kulber took the stand today and gave his take on Johnny Depp’s finger injury in which Amber was accused of throwing a vodka bottle at Johnny which resulted in his finger being severed.

Dr. Kulber went onto explain the injury saying:

He had a fracture of his finger with soft tissue loss so we reconstructed his finger.

He said he treated Johnny Depp for several months because it was a bad injury and required a few visits to clean up the tissue and infection.

He then went onto explain that Johnny Depp was in a soft cast and if he had hit someone with his cast, it would have likely injured the cast and they would have known.

The reason he was asked this was because Amber’s legal team was trying to make it seem as-if Johnny hit Amber or destroyed Amber’s things while his hand was in a cast.

Dr. Kulber’s testimony was so important because he was the actual doctor that treated Johnny.

The previous surgeon that testified was just speaking without any actual experience or having anything to do with Johnny’s treatment.

Dr. Kulber’s testimony was short but to the point and I think it’s clear that he was telling the truth about how bad that injury was.

It’ll be interesting to see what the jury thinks about all of this when it’s finally over.

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