It’s Question Answering Time

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Well, Well… I told you guys that you could ask me anything, and you did not disappoint!

Now I have piles and miles (See, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to say miles and miles or piles and piles so I just decided to do a combo thing–did it work? Yeah, I don’t really think so, either) of wondiferous questions to answer.

So, without further adue– I give you:

Your Questions: Answered!

So, my dear friend Chantal Kirkland over at Eternally Confused went a little nuts with the questions. She had several… but, since I love her (and because I didn’t limit it to just one question per)–I am going to answer them all.

Question: Which is your favorite: Desperado or Once Upon a Time in Mexico? Inquiring minds are starved to know.

Answer: What are those? Westerns? Man, I don’t watch WESTERNS. Let me put it this way… does it have a Disney Channel star in it? No, then I probably haven’t seen it.

Question: Was this really the right time to do “ask me anything”, or perhaps should you have done a ‘regular’ post? ROFL

Answer: Sheesh, lady–read the whole post. I said I’d answer them any way I wanted. I kid, I kid. 🙂 Seriously, though–she’s kind of right that the question post is a bit of a cop out post because I get two blog posts out of it, and really I don’t have to come up with anything on my own. Maybe I shouldn’t do any more?

Question: (Yes, still from Chantal) Can I refer to a certain Mystery-Gang of meddling kids in my manuscript? Is that cheezy? Or generally accepted as an ok thing to do? Would you?

Answer: Well, I think this has been done a lot. The way I see it is, if they did it in Wayne’s World, then you probably shouldn’t do it in your book. I think it’s time for a quick Wayne’s World Clip, don’t you?

I used to head bang to that song so hard my neck hurt the next day. I’m sure that was super safe.

Well, now that we’ve got Chantal’s eleven million and seven questions out of the way (seriously, guys–Chantal is like my favorite human on the planet that isn’t four or my husband, so I can give her hell) I can move on to some of the other questions everyone asked me!

Aimee Bartis over at Sunny in the Middle wants to know:

Since we know StorySaurus is not extinct, is he/she all alone in the world? Is there a SS family? If so, what did they have for dinner last night?

Oh Aimee, that’s a good question. We all know how much I care for that little storysaurus, but fear not–every time another story is written, another storysaurus is born! (Wow, it’s even dorkier typed out than it was in my mind…) And, as far as his dinner? Well, Storysaurus is an herbivore, he eats the pages of our manuscripts that we delete… so don’t worry because he has plenty to munch on.

Lupin Bebop wants to know: Pirates or ninjas?

Oh I did ask that question here. (Complete with informative graphic, I might add.) But, I didn’t answer it myself! The truth is, as much as I’d like to think I was a sneaky ninja, I am more a pilfer and pillage kind of girl… so I’m all Pirate.

He also wants to know if I know the Muffin Man.

Why, yes. Yes, I know the Muffin Man. He lives down on Drury Lane. You need directions?

Jeanie wants to know:

Do Tim Burton movies scare you as much as they scare me? Oh, oh, and if you could have Johnny Depp for a day, would you take him if it was in the Mad Hatter costume only?

Why yes, yes they do scare that bajeezus out of me. I still have nightmares about the Nightmare before Christmas. And Holy Crapoly, reading this made me do a youtube search for that MAKING CHRISTMAS song, and I found this: (WARNING: IT IS SCARY!!!!)

YECH!!! That gave me the heeby jeebies. I could only watch about half of it. Now as far as Johnny Depp, but only in the Hatter Costume… well, I have a soft spot for the Mad Hatter… sooooo yeah I’d take it 🙂

And finally, Mendi wants to know what the worst piece of parenting advice I ever got was.

Pretty much everything that told me to try to get my kid on some sort of schedule. You see, I am the kind of person that doesn’t really do schedules–so trying to put my kid on one just made me even more stressed out. When I finally just chilled out and started playing it by ear, being a mommy was a just SO much easier.

Now, a few of you asked about the big yellow chicken. Sorry guys–that’s a secret. 🙂

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