Questions You Didn’t Think To Ask: A LuLaRoe Q&A

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In asking questions and preparing for this LuLaRoe blog series I had a bunch of questions. I’ve corralled as many of them as I could, and will keep answering what I know! If you have more questions, leave them in the comments below!


Questions You Didn’t Think To Ask: A LuLaRoe Q&A

Are there panty lines?

This depends a lot on what you’re wearing. With the looser clothing, it’s not a worry. With some of the more form fitting pieces like the Julia, Cassie and Leggings, this can be a concern. I find more issue with wearing contrasting underwear colors and having those show through than the actual line.

How big do the sizes go?

In average, the LuLaRoe sizes go as big as a 3XL or a size 22. Sometimes there’s more give on some items over others.

Are there any that are non patterend?

Yes! Though LuLaRoe celebrates patterns and bold prints there are plenty of solids. Sometimes it’s a serious hunt to locate the right color and size solid, but they exist. I had a mad shopping experience finding a simple, gray Carly, but it can be done!

How the heck do I wear my leggings during our HOT summers?

LOL! I sympathize with you! I have two solutions.

  1. I I cuff my leggings, rolling them up my calf a bit.
  2. I pinch the fabric at mid-calf, pull the ankle up above my calf and under my knee and fold the remainder fabric down to create capris.

Neither solution is perfect, but it makes them a tad bit more bearable during the summers.


Do they have tops/dresses which are V-neck?

Not currently, and not that I’ve heard rumor of. They’re pretty good about not letting the cat out of the bag, so what do we really know? The Mark shirt for men can sort of be a V-neck, but I don’t think that’s what you meant.

Why are the sizes on leggings so varied? TC waist bands have been 15″ to 16″.

My understanding here is that this is highly dependent on the LuLaRoe factory the leggings are made from. I can only guess at their reasons to use so many factories to produce their clothes. I’d say it has to do with keeping costs low. That said, the size differences seem to depend on what factory they are produced in, but I’ve heard that they’ll be more conformed down the road.


Being that I have cats how easy are they to snag?

I have three cats. Two are gentle giants and the third might as well be part raptor. The poor thing has non-retractable claws, which happens with polydactyl (or five fingered) cats. I think I might have had one snagging incident. They are not typically an issue with my cats. I have heard of others who have had snagging issues with their leggings and cats.


How do they fit on short girls?

The typical LuLaRoe item is going to fit a bit long if you’re below average height. Since the company strives to accommodate the most women possible, some of us are going to be under represented. That said, the leggings can be folded/cuffed at the hem and all of the skirts adjusted. The dresses are the real problem with fitting shorter women. It’s pretty easy to find a tailor or dry cleaner who can take off a few inches for a reasonable price.

Do they make different fabric types for fall/winter and spring/summer? I love the look, but wondering if it will keep me warm?

LuLaRoe loves making different patterns and color pallets. There are a few different fabric types that the clothing comes in. I began wearing the clothing in the winter and didn’t have issue with keeping warm in them. I really like layering them with long sweaters, fuzzy socks and boots. Oh, I can’t wait for cooler weather and more leggings!!

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