Remember The Adorable Dad and Baby from The Viral Video Last Week? They Are Starring In A Denny’s Commercial Now!

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If you spend your time browsing Facebook or the internet, chances are you came across that adorable viral video of the baby having a full-on conversation with his dad. It was certainly adorable.

Credit: Denny’s

If you missed it, watch it below.

Now, if you thought that was all you’d get from this adorable duo, you are mistaken because the pair will now be starring in a Denny’s Commercial and we are so happy for them!

Denny’s took the opportunity to swoon hearts once again in a commercial.

In it, DJ and Kingston sit in a booth at a Denny’s “talking” about what’s going on in baby Kingston’s life. They cycle through what’s happening in his favorite cartoon and eat some bacon with some pancakes while they’re at it.

It’s adorable and you have to see it…

Cute, right?

“Booths were made for quality time with dad.” is how the commercial ends.

And omg – I’m not crying, you are!

These two are adorable and I hope there is more to come from them!

I seriously enjoy hearing these two chat. Their bond is incredible!

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