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Rihanna’s Super Bowl Ad is The Perfect Definition of Don’t Ever Forget Where You Came From

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In case you didn’t know, today is Super Bowl LVII and the halftime show is being performed by Rihanna.

While Rihanna fans everywhere are excited to see her performance, her real true fans are even excited over her super bowl ad talking about her performance today.


Basically, it is the perfect definition of “don’t ever forget where you came from” and people are loving it.

In the video, you see a little girl in a school uniform get off the bus and walk down the street of her neighborhood.

The little girls are wearing the exact school uniform Rihanna used to wear when she was young.

This video is also so iconic because this very neighborhood is where Rihanna grew up.

In fact, people in the area love her so much, they renamed the street after her. It’s now known as Rihanna Drive.

Apparently, you can also see her childhood home in the background of the video too.

The video then ends with Rihanna’s message:

My whole life was shaped on this very road.

I was just a little island girl flying kites in the cemetery…

But I had big dreams.

Ahhh it is so good!

You can watch the full Rihanna Super Bowl Ad from Apple Music here.

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