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Here’s Why People are Crocheting Rainbows To Hang in Their Windows

I love finding happy things when the world seems a bit dark. This happens to be one of those happy things!

People are crocheting rainbows to hang in their windows and it’s awesome!

Photo Credit: Carolina Damonte Knitting Sheep

Ravelry created a pattern just for this very purpose. Bonus, they are sharing it for everyone for FREE.

Nowadays, we are having difficult days. I want my home to breathe happiness and optimism. So, I have crocheted a #rainbow to hang on my window. And I want to share the pattern with all of you!


So, people are doing it to spread a little happiness and joy right now. I can get on board with that!

I’ve seen others doing this to show appreciation and thanks to essential workers…

All you need is some yarn and a hook! It says it is very easy and quick and I am assuming perfect for beginners!

This is a free pattern, but she does ask that you tag her on Instagram with photos of the finished project. Her Instagram is knitting.sheep.

You can get the free crocheted rainbow pattern on Ravelry! What colors will you be using in your rainbow?