RIP Luke Perry, You Were My First Crush, And Will Be Missed

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Luke Perry, 52, passed away earlier today after suffering a massive stroke.

Even writing this now, it’s so hard to believe he’s gone. He was everyone’s first love on 90210, and the rock star dad on Riverdale.

He was an awesome Riverdale dad. The glue that held the show together.

As far as teen heartthrobs go, top ten of all time.

He was so much fun to watch ride that bull!

Hands down his best role of all time.

What he did for rights of ALL people was to be admired.


And don’t let it forget that he was the best ever half brother Krusty could have had.

And of course he was Buffy’s first love, too.

RIP Luke Perry. I hope they do you right in the 90210 re-reboot this summer.

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