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Sam’s Club is Selling A 90-Piece Meal Prep Kit That Will Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Easy

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It’s almost time to start thinking about those New Year’s Resolutions

And, every year — every single year — at the tippity top of everyone’s resolution list is — what?

Lose weight or get healthy, am I right?

Now, Sam’s Club is making it hella easy to keep up with our favorite New Year’s Resolution, because they just brought out a whopping 90-Piece Meal Prep Kit.

This meal prep kit is not only gorgeous — all pastel colors — it comes complete with 3 different container sizes.

Sam’s Club

You get 15 4-cup sizes, 15 duel 1-cup and 2-cup containers, and 15 trays that hold 2 1-cup portions and a 2-cup portion.

Before you go thinking, “Ugh. Just more to clutter up my cabinet,” just wait.

These containers completely nest together, so it makes storing them super easy.

Sam’s Club

The volumes of the containers are even embossed right on the trays to make portion control simple!

I love that!!

Sam’s Club

Each container can pop right into the microwave for easy reheating, into the dishwasher for quick cleaning, and into the freezer for future meal prep storage.

Sam’s Club

You might think that this meal prep kit is going to run you like 50 bucks.

Nope!! This meal prep kit is only $25! That’s only like $1.80 per container!!

You can get your own 90-Piece Meal Prep Kit at the Sam’s Club website.

Sam’s Club

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