I Tried The “Eat At Home And You’ll Lose Weight” and I’ve Determined, It’s A Lie

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It started as 3 meals a day, but it quickly turned into 4th meal, second breakfast, and midnight snacks.

“Eat at home,” they said. “You’ll lose weight,” they said.

They lied.

What they forget to tell you when they say “eat at home” is, you can’t keep grazing all day long.

I have been eating at home since all this quarantine mess started. Sure, it’s been healthy, and good for the budget, but it hasn’t been good for my waistline.

Along with the healthy apples and carrots, I have also been drinking soda, grabbing handfuls of Flamin’ Hot Popcorn, and splurging just a bit on the leftover candy that Easter Bunny dude left at our house.

I thought I could ignore it by living in my pajamas, leggings, hoodies, and sweatpants.

But, reality smacked me in the face when I tried to put on a pair of jeans to run out to the grocery store.

One leg went in, the other leg went it, I went to pull them up, and *bloosh*, the waistband of the jeans hit the fat that’s been congregating on my thighs.

When, the heck, did somebody take these pants in a size?

I quickly put back on a pair leggings, headed to Walmart, and made a Beeline for the bottled water, fruits, and veggies.

There was a crowd of people in the produce section at the Walmarts, and I realized I’m not alone.

Looks like the general public is in the same boat in which I find myself, that boat that’s full of tasty food, but slowly sinking whilst I try to frantically paddle to shore.

So, now I’m on a quarantine “D” word — Diet. *Gulp* Just saying the word makes me want to cry and rethink all of my life decisions.

It’s 6 bottles of water a day, and intentional meal planning — including snacks for me!

Oy, this is going to be hard.

Did your pants “shrink,” too? Tell me I’m not alone in my food-lovers time out.

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