Apparently, There’s A Scientific Reason On Why It’s So Popular To Dip Wendy’s French Fries In A Frosty

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Apparently there’s a reason why a Wendy’s frosty and french fries are the excellent and irresistible duo.

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Other than the obvious reason of salty meets sweet, there’s a science behind the Wendy’s frosty and french fry phenomenon and why it certainty brings all the boys to the yard.

The very science that invented the lightbulb and electric cars can also explain the very reason we are all so tempted to dunk a jiggly french fry into a thick soft serve ice cream cup.

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The Frosty was one of the few o.g. items on the Wendy’s menu that was created by Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s.

He loved thick shakes so much as a kid that he decided he wanted to create a shake so thick that it had to require a spoon… or fries if you will.

“The main thing we look at with this dynamic in our work is the “Why?” “Why do people love this stuff so much,” said Shelly Thobe, director of culinary innovation at Wendy’s told Thrillist. “And I think it’s that salty-sweet, hot-cold dynamic that works so well. It’s activating so many of our senses. It’s taste, it’s texture — it confuses your taste buds… in a good way. It’s a crazy, intense experience.”

Shelly Thobe
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Despite the odd pairing of savory and sweet combined with a few confused facial expressions for those who have yet to try the mouthwatering combo, it’s true when they say when a hot french fry meets a freezing sweet dessert, your taste buds become excited with bursting flavors.

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Sort of like when spicy meets sweet, opposites attract, similar to the frosty and fry.

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However, a professor of chemistry at American University who has an interest in the science of flavor combinations Matt Hartings, believes there’s another reason why people order french fries and a frosty together at Wendy’s.

“Sure, there are molecular underpinnings as to why salty-sweet combos work so well, taste-wise, but the real appeal here might be something different, it’s a culture thing,” said Matt Hartings to Thrillist.

Matt Hartings
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Similar to secret menu drinks from Starbucks or when it coms down to drizzling yellow mustard on watermelon, the social science behind the trend is what also convinces people to try weird food hacks.

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Since now you know that your cravings are backed behind by science, the science of a sweet and savory duo plus a trending food fad makes all the more sense to dip a crispy fry into a smooth ice cream courtesy of Wendy’s.

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