Spirit Halloween Monopoly Exists and Game Night Is About to Get Spooky

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Monopoly just got a major upgrade.

So gather around the kitchen table, because family game night is on!

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Thanks to Spirit Halloween, we now have a spooky version of the famous family board game Monopoly.

A bright orange board that adds a frightening twist to selling and buying property, this spooky version is best played during mischief night.

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Featuring Spirit Halloween’s iconic mascot Jack the Reaper in the center of the board, you can count on a tombstone or a large spider as your playing pieces as you move around the board.

With 44 property tokens around the board, Spirit Halloween even used their own vacant stores as properties you can buy, score!

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Including 60 custom playing cards, dice, and fake cash to play with, family game night just got even more competitive on Sunday night.

Let the competition begin!

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

You can currently find Spirit Halloween’s Monopoly board game online, but you’ll have to wait a little while longer to add it to your cart.

As of right now, the new Monopoly board is sold online at Spirit Halloween but the status of the game, is unfortunately sold out.

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Although here’s hoping the game is restocked before October hits!

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

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