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Home Depot Is Selling An 8-Foot Spooky Light Up Ghost Tree You Can Put In Your Yard For Halloween

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Creepy trees have given me the spooky vibes ever since I watched ‘Poltergeist’ as a kid.

Remember the creepy tree that was right out the window?

Actually, that movie kicked off a lot of fears that have stuck with me over the years, and that’s ok because I still love the spooky things!

This Halloween you can set up your own spooky tree in your yard.

Home Depot

It’s massive and stands 8 feet tall and covered with 260 shimmering warm white and purple LED lights to illuminate it’s creepy branches.

Home Depot

The Spooky Ghost Tree Halloween yard decoration has a weather-resistant coating so your tree can stand terrifyingly tall in your yard.

Home Depot

Its weather-resistant coating stands up to a range of outdoor conditions, and we all know that Halloween time is a rainy season in most parts of the USA.

Home Depot

It’s made with a resilient metal frame to make sure it can securely stand.

I bet it would look great paired with some fog from a fog machine and maybe a giant snake and of course a giant spider nearby!

Home Depot

Knowing my family, it will make a great place to hide behind as they wait for unsuspecting kids to approach our door for Halloween.

You can get your own spooky 8 foot tall LED Ghost Tree from Home Depot!

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  1. I wish I could get this tree! It’s been taken off their website, and all my local stores are sold out. Such a bummer.