The Owner of Raising Cane’s is Buying Lottery Tickets for All of His 50,000 Employees

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Need a job? Raising Cane’s may be the best place to work right now.

Aside from it having good food (so people say, I haven’t tried it) sounds like they also have the best owner/boss…

The owner of Raising Cane’s is buying lottery tickets for all of his 50,000 employees and isn’t that just amazing?!

In case you haven’t heard, the Mega Millions lottery is currently at a whopping $810 million, the 4th biggest prize ever!!

And Todd Graves (the owner of Raising Cane’s) has vowed to spend around $100,000 on the Mega Millions to buy a $2 ticket for every single one of his 50,000 employees.

If one of his employees win, they will all split the amount with the people in the company resulting in a bonus for all of them.

You might be wondering how much that is, and once you factor out taxes and everything else, each employee would receive a $10K-$20K bonus each … not bad for free money!!!

Looks like it’s time to get a job at Raising Cane’s ha!

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