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Starbucks Released A New Rainbow Pride Collection And I Need Them All

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I LOOOOOOOVE Starbucks cups! Like, it’s a real obsession. And we now have sightings of so new AMAZING cups!

Leaf Rakers Society

Target has released some absolutely AMAZING rainbow themed cups (and a tote) and they are being spotted all over the country!


This is specifically Target exclusive so you probably won’t be seeing these at any corporate stores. And you will need to RUN to get your hands on some of these goodies


Rainbows, glitter, and sparkles? Um, yes please. I may need one of everything. Like right now. Like…googling closest Target because there isn’t one in my town. Ugh.


There are rainbow studded tumblers!!! Those for sure will be the first to fly off the shelf. No doubt about it.


Color changing cold cups are BACK!!! Get your hands on these FAST. I got my hands on some the last time they were in corporate stores and we had people calling for WEEKS looking for some.


I can’t get over how stinking beautiful this cup is. I need it. Now.


So run, DON’T WALK, because I will out power walk you to the nearest Target and get them all before you. Don’t test me. Just kidding, but save one for me please. I have two toddlers to get ready to go.


But surely my daughter’s angry face will get everyone to move out of the way lol. Ok, I’m done. On my way to get some cups. How about you? Post your findings below!


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  1. Where can I get the new rainbow pride collections and the rainbow tumbler?

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