Study Says, Your Mom Has Already Told You What She Wants Mother’s Day

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No matter how many times we celebrate Mother’s day, finding the perfect gift has always been a little nerve-racking.

Tulips and a homemade breakfast, or a box of chocolates are gifts that moms have already seen before, year after year.

Therefore, lets get mom something that hasn’t been on repeat since they became well, a mom!

According to a recent study that surveyed moms, seven out of ten mentioned they dropped hints to their partners (and not their kids), in previous conversations about the gifts they prefer on the holiday.

Plus, more than two-thirds of moms also admitted that they would even go as far as writing a wishlist to nudge their partners’ gift giving in the right direction.

Not to mention almost half of the moms that were surveyed said that they would love it if their loved one completed the typical household chores for the day.

The survey, which was administered by Mother’s Cookies (I mean duh, who else) polled 2,000 individuals including 1,000 moms and 1,000 men in relationships who celebrate the special day for moms.

“While men plan to gift (43%) jewelry, (39%) edible gifts, and (36%) clothing and accessories, moms rank (38%) a handmade gift, (37%) baked cookies from their kids or partner, and (37%) a spa day, as their top presents.”

Mother’s Cookies

Long story short, as the significant other to your partner who created life, get her what she’s already ask for!

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