Taco Bell Is Giving Everyone A Free Chalupa Cravings Box Tomorrow. Here’s How To Get Yours.

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The word free just makes me so happy inside! I am an avid extreme couponer myself, so I am ALWAYS looking for amazing sales, coupons, and of course, FREE THINGS! And now Taco Bell is here to give us the goods! (they seem to be doing this a lot now too!)

Taco Bell

This Tuesday, on June 30th, be sure to run, don’t walk to your nearest Taco Bell to get yourself some free food! You can get a completely free Chapula Cravings Box! This is regularly $5!


No other purchases are required, and you don’t even have to have a coupon! Just make sure you have an account at tacobell.com for their offers and deals. That’s it!


The Chalupa Cravings Box includes your choice of medium soft drink, a Chalupa Supreme, Beefy 5-layer burrito, Crunchy Taco, and Cinnamon Twists. All for free tomorrow! Dreams do come true!


This offer is only available through the drive-thru and does not count for delivery orders. So you will have to go to the store to get this deal. You can order substitutions and add-ons but they will cost extra. This coupon isn’t allowed to be combined with other offers.


Here’s exactly how to get your free Chalupa Cravings Box on June 30th at Taco Bell:

  • Log into your Taco Bell account (or create one. Don’t worry, it’s easy!)
  • Order your Chalupa Cravings Box through your account.
  • Choose your location (but make sure you don’t pick a delivery option!)
  • Choose your pick-up time and go through the drive-thru to grab your free Chalupa Cravings Box!
  • Enjoy! (and don’t forget your fire sauce!)

This isn’t the only deal that Taco Bell has been rolling out lately so make sure you check your Taco Bell account for a discounted family meal AND discounted deliveries, as well as any future deals! You gotta love those sales and discounts!


What other deals have you been seeing lately? Comment below and let us know what else to cover! And while yo’u’re at it, let us know what you are ordering along side your free Chapula Cravings Box at Taco Bell! What’s your favorite item there? Let us know!


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