People Are Taking Photos Of Their Stove Before Leaving Their Home and Now I’m Doing It

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I swear, some people are just plain genius.

There are people who figure out just the coolest things. Everything from laundry hacks to tricks for cutting gross chicken – my life has become so much easier because of things like this.

Now here’s one more thing you can add to the list – taking a picture of your stove before you leave.

Yes, this is a thing and people are doing it with good reason.

Let me ask you something, how many times have you left your house and wondered if you remembered to turn off the stove? Maybe wondered if you remembered to unplug your iron or hair straightener?

I am guilty of doing this almost every time I leave the house.

So, the solution is to take pictures of these items before you leave.


Because once you have that thought pop into your head wondering if you turned off the stove or unplugged certain items in your home, you can just look at the photos in your phone and BAM you can feel safer being away from home.

Now of course, you’d have to remember to take pictures of these items in the first place but, it does give you some peace of mind when your mind starts to wonder if you should head back home to double check.

Once you start doing this, it might just become so much of a habit, you won’t ever have to check your photos in the first place but at least they are there if you need them.

This genius idea came from LifeHacker and they went onto to say:

I take photos before I go on long trips to give myself proof that the oven dials are in the right place and the thermostats are turned off. The funny thing is that I’ve never once wanted to look at this proof after I’ve photographed it; it also turns off the part of my brain that gets anxious about accidentally leaving something on.

Apparently, this isn’t a new thing either (although this is the first time I’ve heard of it):


I don’t know about you, but I find this genius! It is also something I fully intend to do especially when I know I will be gone for long periods of time.

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