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Target Circle Week is Here So, Get Ready to Shop Your Heart Out

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There isn’t a more perfect store than Target.

I’ll fight you on this one. There is no proving me wrong.

First, they announced they are letting all their employees spend time with their families on Thanksgiving.

NOW, they are doing a Circle Week — and it’s the PERFECT time to get that jump on your holiday shopping.

Sure, Amazon Prime Days are excellent, but this Target Circle Week is next level greatness.

Target Circle Week is upon us, so listen up.

What Is Target Circle Week?

It is a time for you to get up to 30% off for Target Circle Members only.

So what are you waiting for?? Run, Run, Run and sign up!!

Along with their SUPER amazing regular Target Circle Week deals, they have totally amazing Deals Of The Day — that change daily.

Check on the Target app or online to find out what awesome Deal Of The Day is up for grabs.

When Is Target Circle Week?

It is NOW!!

Go check out the website or the app now through October 7th for these Target Circle deals.

Some Of The Target Circle Week Deals

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