Target Is Selling A $20 Hanging Skull Sconce and I Need One For Halloween

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Target has one of the best selections of Halloween decor to decorate your home with.

Their 2020 Hyde & EEK! collection is definitely worth browsing online early.

One of the products in the Hyde & EEK! boutique is a hanging skull you can hang on the outside or inside of your home.

Courtesy of Target

Personally, I would hang this hollowed out skull on the outside of my home next to the front door.

Here’s my thinking, the hollowed out skull is animated with fake flames that stand up straight when illuminated, making the flame look real and the skull’s eyes glow.

Courtesy of Target

Hanging this skeleton, we’ll call him Jon BONE Jovi for now, on the outside of your home will create a spooky ambience when midnight finally rolls around on Halloween night.

Courtesy of Target

Jon BONE Jovi is battery operated, omitting the appearance of a dangling extension cord and making the face of the skull even more realistic than it already is.

The double AA batteries are also included, which is always a plus!

With the push of a single button, Jon BONE Jovi will come to life every Halloween night.

You can purchase the frightening friend for only 20 dollars at Target.

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