The Best Halloween Playlist

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The weather is cooler and the leaves are falling. That can only mean one thing… Halloween is near! While the creepy decorations certainly help make a party, it’s really The Best Halloween Playlist around that keeps guests entertained. We’ve got you covered with the best Halloween songs that will make your guests dance under the full moon all night long!


The Best Halloween Playlist

So the only way we could do this right was to provide you with more than a handful of songs. How about 31 songs to mark the 31st day of October? Yes, we think that sounds (literally) about right!

  1. “Thriller” By Michael Jackson
  2. “The Purple People Eater” by Sheb Wooley
  3. “This is Halloween” by Marilyn Manson
  4. “Ghostbusters” By Ray Parker, Jr.
  5. Nightmare On Elm Street Theme Song
  6. “Strange Apparition” By Beck
  7. “Zombie” By The Cranberries
  8. The Halloween Theme (movie)
  9. “Dragula” By Rob Zombie
  10. “Love Potion #9” By The Searchers
  11. “The Monster Mash” By Bobby Boris Pickett
  12. “Witchcraft” By Frank Sinatra
  13. “Dead Man’s Party” By Oingo Boingo
  14. “Superstition” By Stevie Wonder
  15. “Witch Doctor” By David Seville
  16. The Munsters Theme
  17. “I’m in Love With A Monster” by Fifth Harmony
  18. “I Put A Spell On You” By Nina Simone
  19. Bettlejuice Theme Song
  20. “Ghost Town” By The Specials
  21. “The Phantom Of The Opera” By Andrew Lloyd Webber
  22. “The Graveyard Shift” By The Ghouls
  23. “Somebody’s Watching Me” By Rockwell
  24. “Highway To Hell” By AC/DC
  25. The Addams Family Theme Song
  26. “Monster” By Paramore
  27. “Bad Things” By Jace Everett (True Blood Theme Song)
  28. “Abracadabra” By Steve Miller Band
  29. “Black Birds” By Linkin Park
  30. “Werewolf”  By Frantics
  31. “Psycho Killer” By Talking Heads

How to Play The Songs To Your Guests

Now that you have the best Halloween playlist around, how exactly are you going to get this wonderfully creepy music out there? We’ve got you covered on that too with the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube.

In case, you didn’t see our first post about this amazing little speaker, you can check that out here.

Now, we had already built our BOSEbuild Speaker Cube from our last post but this time around we wanted it to be more creepy and fit the theme of Halloween so we changed it up a bit. This was the original design of our speaker:


First, we had our oldest son pick which colors he wanted the speaker to dance and display. You can choose up to 3 colors that will display during different tones in sounds. He chose green, orange and purple. Perfect Halloween colors, right?



Then of course, we had to change the outside. When you first get your BOSEbuild Speaker Cube you Build-it-yourself and even customize the outside with speaker covers. This time around we used some of the covers that looked more like spider webs to give it an extra Halloweeny look. the-best-halloween-playlist-featured

Want to actually see and hear this baby in action? Well, you are in luck because I recorded a short snippet of it playing and dancing in color. Isn’t it so cool?

We had such a fun time customizing our BOSEbuid Speaker Cube for Halloween. It truly is something that our family can continually customize and build to match our moods, the seasons and holidays and so much more! Make sure you check out our original BOSEbuild post where you can see it built from start to finish.

If you want to have this at your monster bash too, you can get your own BOSEbuild Speaker Cube here.

How do you encourage your kids to explore the world around them this time of year? Comment below and let us know!

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