They Don’t Really Go To Church – And 4 Other Lies Your Inlaws Would Have You Believe

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Let’s face it – we all want to present the better side of ourselves to our (future) spouses, and their families, and while the ones we love will eventually become aware of all of our flaws, as we will become aware of theirs, it is human nature to try to convince our in-laws that we are in fact, all that, and a bag of chips. Likewise our in-laws would also love for us to believe their farts don’t stink. So, just in case you were curious,  no, your in-laws don’t actually go to church, and there are 4 other lies they’d like you to keep on believing.


They Don’t Really Go To Church – And 4 Other Lies Your Inlaws Would Have You Believe

1. They Loved Your Wedding

Sorry Dear, your MIL thought your dress was too showy, your menu too skimpy, and, that was not the venue she would have chosen.

Don’t be surprised if your MIL starts traveling to future weddings with sewing machine in tow. Heck, your in-laws may actually decide to renew their vows after all of their children are married,  just to show them all how to do it right.

2. You Are Welcome Anytime

I’m afraid that ‘our door is always open’ actually means that the door is always open when you can produce that written invitation upon your arrival, and don’t plan on staying.

Always call ahead, and it wouldn’t hurt to bring flowers too.

3. They Love You Like Their Own

Except your mama raised you wrong, and if you were your MILs own child you would be much smarter and have superb manners.

It goes both ways. You may have an awesome relationship with your MIL, but she’s not your mom, right?

4. You Can Just Phone If You Ever Need Anything

This is just complete and total bullshit, and so lemme save you some trouble. If you need real help, call your bestie. If you need more, call your sister.

If you want advice you never plan on taking, or if you want to discuss what happened at church last week, that’s when you call your mother-in-law.

In-laws are an accepted part of married life. It is important to always be kind, polite and respectful.  They are largely responsible for how amazing your spouse is, and remember someday you will be an in-law, also.

Cut them a little bit of slack, and don’t let on that you know the truth. Especially about the church part.

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