You Can Get A Tiny Knit Hat For Your Chickens to Wear in the Winter

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At the start of the winter season, beanies and baseball hats make a return again for the upcoming cold weather.

Courtesy of @TheBeardieQueen

While you may dress up the family dog with a matching sweater or throw on a fuzzy collar for the orange cat, the livestock out back also deserves winter gear.

Courtesy of @TheBeardieQueen

Thanks to Etsy shop owner @TheBeardieQueen, you can now get a knit hat for your chickens to keep them warm during the cooler months.

Courtesy of @TheBeardieQueen

With a wide variety of colors to choose from for the bottom and top portion of the knitted hat, your chicken will not only feel toasty but will be dressed festively for the holidays.

Courtesy of @TheBeardieQueen

Considering there’s a small strap attached on either side to make sure the hat stays in place, this fuzzy top hat will have your chicken best dressed.

You can find a fuzzy top hat for your chicken on Etsy for under ten dollars this winter.

Courtesy of @TheBeardieQueen

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