Today I Learned That Playing Tetris is Actually Better for A Lazy Eye Than a Patch

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Remember Tetris? I do. I play it ALL THE TIME. And not to brag, but I am pretty good at it.

I guess that is good news for me because Today I Learned That Playing Tetris is Actually Better for A Lazy Eye Than a Patch!

No, I don’t have a lazy eye BUT it is pretty cool that if I did, I could be doing more good than harm by playing my favorite block building game.

 Amblyopia is an eye condition that affects nearly 3 percent of the population.

It occurs as a result of improper brain processing, causing the weaker eye to be suppressed by the stronger eye.

A person with lazy eye will not be able to focus properly with one of their eyes – the eye with impaired vision (amblyopia) will not receive clear images.

Current treatment options include wearing an eye patch over the stronger eye to get the weaker (lazy) eye to work harder. However, that particularly works better for kids and not adults.

But now, we can just do this by playing video games – Tetris to be exact.

Courtesy of Tetris

According to an article published in the journal Current Biology, Tetris was deemed as an effective way of treating amblyopic in adults.

Dr. Hess, who also serves as director of McGill Vision Research, added:

“Using head-mounted video goggles we were able to display the game dichoptically, where one eye was allowed to see only the falling objects, and the other eye was allowed to see only the ground plane objects. Forcing the eyes to work together, we believed, would improve vision in the lazy eye.”

Isn’t that awesome?

I am all about playing some Tetris and now that it is actually good for you, nobody can tell me otherwise!

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