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The New Trailer for ‘Zoey 102’ Has Just Been Released and the PCA Gang Is Back Together

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We just simply can’t get over the 90s huh? 

As of the lately, the trend in entertainment seems to include rebooting 90s shows and bringing them back to life.

The most recent show to be casted again is the PCA gang and all of the drama that comes with it, except this time around, the characters aren’t worried about their next test but rather finding love in their thirties.

What’s dubbed Zoey 102 the movie, it looks like Jamie Lynn Spears hasn’t lost touch with her high school friends including Erin Sanders (Quinn Pensky) and Sean Flynn (Chase Matthews).

Courtesy of @jamielynnspears

Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese), Christopher Massey (Michael Barret), Abby Wilde (Stacey Dillsen), and Jack Salvatore (Mark Del Figgalo) also rejoin Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey), alongside a few unfamiliar faces we haven’t seen before.

Courtesy of @jamielynnspears

Most recently, Paramount Plus just dropped the new trailer for Zoey 102, and it seems that Zoey, is struggling to find romance while the wedding bells are ringing for Quinn and Logan.

That’s right, the two are getting married!

Courtesy of @jamielynnspears

After Quinn names Zoey her Maid of Honor, Zoey is told that Chase will also be at the wedding (her high school ex that she’s still in love with), which seems to trouble Zoey.

So her solution, is hiring a fake boyfriend, and we all know that won’t end well.

Courtesy of @jamielynnspears

Throughout the trailer we see Zoey a bit stuck in the past as she reminisces in her high school days, what looks like Quinn running away from the alter in her wedding dress, and Chase being clumsy as per usual.

We even see a glimpse of the gang’s new futuristic phones that put the pear cell to shame, sorry iCarly fans.

Courtesy of @jamielynnspears

Jamie Lynn Spears puts on her key necklace again for the new movie Zoey 102 which premieres only on Paramount Plus July 27; and you can also watch the new trailer, here.

Courtesy of @jamielynnspears

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