You Can Get A Unicorn Shower Head For The Most Magical Shower Ever

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Have you been looking for something a bit different for your bathroom? Something unique? How about a unicorn shower head? I’m not even kidding!

3D Visuals & Design Co

There is a shop on Etsy that makes all sorts of cool things including these crazy unicorn shower heads! The reviews are great too!

3D Visuals & Design Co

The rainbow unicorn shower head has a threaded horn so it is easy to remove. You can even change out the horn colors because you can buy just the horn on its own!

3D Visuals & Design Co

Also, having a removable horn makes it easier to store the entire thing when you are not using it.

The size of this shower head is 5 inches high by 2.5 inches wide. They have a huge variety of colors to choose from! Some are rainbow, some are glitter, some are solid, then you can also choose what color you want for the horn!

It fits any 1/2” standard shower pipe, they do recommend using Teflon tape when installing. I think they’re kind of fun looking!

You can purchase your own unicorn shower head for only $25.95 from 3D Visuals & Design Co on Etsy! What color would you choose?

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