Starbucks Released Iridescent Kaleidoscope Tumblers And I Need Every Single One Of Them

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I absolutely LOVE Starbucks cups. But these new ones that just came out take the freaking cake!


Starbucks is known for their gorgeous cups, but these LITERALLY turn into a kaleidoscope in the light. You really can’t beat this.


There are at least two colors spotted so far but we’re hoping for more, whether it be this season or in the future. I, personally, would LOVE a Christmas themed kaleidoscope cup!


Of the current available options, one is clear with an iridescent sheen to it and comes with a clear straw with a swirled texture.

The other is an orange-tinted cup, that’s still shiny and comes with a similar straw. Both are still rocking the Starbucks logo.


As usual, finding the super pretty cups is always a game of hide and seek. They usually fly off the shelves SUPER fast and then are found later for sale online for 3-4 times the normal price. So you have to know where to look!


Corporate Starbucks stores are always the first to sell out. But the Starbucks that are inside other businesses are always the better places to look.


This includes Target, grocery stores, book stores, malls, hospitals, and campuses.

These are the lesser checked areas that will be more likely to still have these cups available for you!


Good luck on your cup hunting and if you find some be sure to comment below where you were able to find them!


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