Universal is Releasing Movies Online That Are Still In Theaters Including ‘Trolls World Tour’

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NBCUniversal has some pretty awesome news to share with the public. I don’t know about you, but I need some uplifting news during this time!

For everyone just as upset as I am that movie theaters are currently shut down and future films have been delayed in production, this announcement will definitely make you smile again.


NBCUniversal might have just made being stuck inside a little bit more bearable and family night a whole lot easier!

Get ready to sit down and grab your popcorn!


Movies from Universal Pictures will now be available On-Demand on their release date, starting with the movie “Trolls World Tour” for your little kiddie to watch and enjoy while he or she is home from school!

Universal films that are already released in theaters such as The Hunt, The Invisible Man and Focus Features’ Emma will also be arriving on On-Demand on Friday, March 20.


It has yet to be announced exactly how many movies from Universal Pictures will be put On-Demand and for how long, but at least we know we’ll have something to watch during this time!


“Given the rapidly evolving and unprecedented changes to consumers’ daily lives during this difficult time, the company felt that now was the right time to provide this option in the home as well as in theaters. NBCUniversal will continue to evaluate the environment as conditions evolve and will determine the best distribution strategy in each market when the current unique situation changes,” said NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell.


For a 48 hour period and 20 bucks, you can rent these movies the day they release in theaters.

Maybe now you can have that in home movie theater you’ve always dreamed of and watch movies the day of their release date right in the comfort of your own home!


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  1. For me it’s a fabulous deal and shame on those of you who are complaining about this publicly. I get it you can’t afford it. End of story.
    Actors and every other industry involved need to be paid as well. These movies cost millions to make. Don’t watch it and don’t comment if it isn’t for you. But publicly calling them greedy is a bit much.

  2. I agree this is an awesome idea but like everyone else is saying there are a lot of people in this world without a job right now because they had to close due to the virus….I would either make it free or five or ten dollars to buy it so you can have the movie and watch it whenever you want.

  3. Good idea. But given the circumstances $20 is too much. The schools where I live are out indefinitely. We are not working and having to cut back on everything. Food portions being one of many. The grocery stores are sold out of meat!! So, $20 for 1 movie for 48 hours is not a good deal when we are going to spend weeks/possibly months indoors to remain safe. I guess we have to just stick to necessities!

  4. What about people that don’t have cable or on demand? Will it be available on prime? Or is that just not an option.

  5. For a family, a great deal. Probably a lot for one person. Whether it’s a good value seems to depend on one’s personal situation. As said previously, you can’t please everyone. Rent it, don’t rent it. No one is making anyone spend their money on it.

  6. Genius!! The person that came up with this idea, needs a raise.

    1. Thank God that the theaters are still open in Australia. Just watched blood shot. To help support the actors. It was a good movie too.

  7. Cant make everyone happy…thank you to Universal for givinguathe option.

  8. I live in Iowa. A matinee ticket is $8.25 and after 4 or 6 pm a ticket is $10.00 so why are they charging $20.00 for the movie? Maybe the cost should vary by state? I don’t know but it seems like a bit much for 48hrs. Now 2 movies for $20 that would be great but I realize it’s not likely.

    1. 2 adults and 2 kids = $5 a movie. Seems fair to me.

      1. Sure it seems fair but as a single mom working as a waitress and no longer able to work and having no income, $20 is a lot right now.

  9. This is AWESOME. It would have cost my family of 5 over $100 to see this in theater. Now we can do movie night while stuck indoors and still see it. I appreciate Universal giving this option for a fun movie date in the comfort of our own home.

  10. I think this is great! I appreciate their efforts to help the kids have a little entertainment during school closures! $20 for 2 days is awesome! My kids would watch Trolls at least 10 times during that period! $20 wouldn’t get us in to see it one time at the theater! I’m grateful for this!

  11. $20 is way too much just for 48 hours… this is a rip off.. that is absurd… this is a time where adults are cut back on their income due to hard times & they want to charge you $20 for 2 days. I get it if you went to the movies to watch it would’ve cost a lot more just to see it once but at times like this trying to make it convenient. Let’s charge $20 for 48 hours then when it comes out on dvd or blue ray let’s charge an additional $20 for them to keep it.

    1. No.at movies and after buying candy and popcorn in o2 hrs from much it’s goid deal

    2. Then don’t participate!! Under the circumstances, it’s a great deal for not having to leave the house!

    3. No one is forcing you to indulge. They are taking a hit too. If you don’t want to rent one, then move on.

  12. $20 for just one person to have access to a newly released movie for 2 days, is not a bad deal. You could maybe see it 2x in a theater for that price. So for a couple or a whole family to be able to watch it several times at anytime convenient to them, for 48 hours, is not bad! How much money would you spend if you had to go to a theater to see it?

    1. With everyone not working 20 dollar charge is greedy

  13. I like the idea but agree that $20 is a lot & where is on demand

  14. While I understand they still have to make money the $20 for 48 hours is kind of steep especially with a lot of families who are having their income slashed right now because of closings. For $20 you should get the movie forever and maybe if you want to sharpe to rent take it down quite a bit