You Can Now Get Charms To Decorate Your Crocs For Halloween and They Are Adorable

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It’s almost FALL — aka my favorite time of year!! The Pumpkin Spice, the colors, the decorations — the drop in temperature. I love it all!

I also LOVE my Crocs. Seriously. I have more Crocs than I have tennis shoes and flip flops, combined. Heck, I have almost more Crocs than I have socks!!

Isn’t it fun to accessorize your Crocs with, what they call, Jibbitz — those little button doo-hickies that you push through the holes on the Crocs.


You can change them with your outfits, with how you are feeling that day, and even with the seasons!


I found some of the most STELLAR Croc Jibbitz that are specifically designed for the fall season, and y’all, I’m getting them ALL!!

Right on the Crocs website, they have this cute fall Leaf Jibbitz charm. Is it a charm? Maybe button? This leaf is the perfect beginning to what is going to be an AWESOME pair of Crocs that represents everything I love about fall!

Courtesy of Crocs

They also have this totally on trend Pumpkin Spice Latte Jibbitz charm. I mean, COME ON, nothing says fall like the PSL!! This will look so good front and center on my black Kadee Crocs!

Courtesy of Crocs

Some people love them, some people hate them, but there is also a Candy Corn Jibbitz charm. For the record, I am Team Candy Corn. Yumm! This Jibbitz charm even has a bit of glitter bling. BONUS!!

Courtesy of Crocs

Something you can’t deny is one of the BEST things about fall is the Pumpkin Pie! And, you guessed it, Crocs carries a Pumpkin Pie Jibbitz. YES PLEASE. It’s in my virtual cart!

Courtesy of Crocs

If you head on over to Amazon, they have several Pumpkin charms for your Crocs shoes. They may not be Jibbitz proper, but they still work for all intents and purposes. Ha!

Courtesy of Amazon

They have Jack O’ Lantern charms, because Halloween is EVERYTHING.

Courtesy of Amazon

They even have a SET of charms for your Crocs that include Ghosts, Bats, Skulls, and Spiders. Gah! They are too cute!

Courtesy of Amazon

If you scoot on over to Etsy, you can find some hella cool Halloween not-so-Jibbitz charms. Pssst — they even have Jack Skellington and Sally.

Courtesy of Etsy

One of my FAVORITE Crocs charms I have ever seen is this Skeleton that is in pieces. He (she?) is so adorable!!

Courtesy of Etsy

Get yourself some fall charms for your Crocs, and GO CRAZY with the decorating!!


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