This New Device Can Help Fix Broken McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines And Every Location Needs It

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What if there were a device that could correct the problem of the McDonald’s Ice Cream machines always being broken?

Is there anything better than a McDonald’s Ice Cream Cone on a HOT day. HECK — is there anything better than a McDonald’s Ice Cream Cone on a COLD day. I just like McDonald’s Ice Cream, okay?!? Ha!

That creamy vanilla flavor twirled onto a cone that tastes a bit like flavored styrofoam. We all just go crazy for the McDonald’s Ice Cream cones.

But, why is it that, INEVITABLY, we go to get one of our favorite ice cream cones, and we’re greeted with an, “I’m sorry, our ice cream machine is broken.” So Freaking Frustrating!

Well, guess what, my ice cream loving friends. There is now a device that McDonald’s franchise owners can add to their ice cream machines, and it will be able to detect minor abnormalities.

This will let the employees theoretically correct the problem, and fix the machine. Therefore letting the ice cream flow again!!

The device will better detect when the employees overfill or underfill the machines, cause them to “break.”

It will also help with the laborious cleaning cycles of the ice cream machine — making sure they happen when they are SUPPOSED to.

Check this out. It can also tell when the machine is ABOUT to break, letting employees correct the problem BEFORE it happens!

According to Yahoo News, there are several franchises that have started using the device on machines, but it is not something that corporate is pushing out to their stores. Dang it!

Come on McDonald’s, get on using this device, please! We need our ice cream!

Talking about McDonald’s, they have their Shamrock Shakes right now, and you have GOT to check them out! They even have a Shamrock Oreo McFlurry this year, and it is DELICIOUS!

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