A Vet Saved This Parrot’s Life After Making Him A Prosthetic Beak

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This parrot got a new lease on life when a quick thinking person saw that his beak was severely damaged, and jumped in to help.

Now, it’s no surprise that a bird can’t survive without a beak.

Without a beak, a bird isn’t able to eat — and that’s pretty important, right?!?

But, this parrot pretty much hit the jackpot when he was found and rescued by Renascer ACN — a Brazil-based animal rehabilitation center.

They were able to reconstruct a prosthetic beak — made of a plastic resin material that was made to replicate a bird’s actual bill — to give this bird a second chance at life.

This parrot was in pretty bad shape. Nobody knows exactly why, but his top and bottom bill were both severely broken off.

Renascer ACN knew that this bird wasn’t going to make it unless they stepped in to perform a miracle for this little parrot.

Veterinarian Maria Ângela Panelli Marchió worked tirelessly on recreating the parrot’s beak to save his life.

She constructed the new bill out of plastic resin, and attached some metal braces to the parrot’s upper beak to make sure it stayed in place.

The parrot can now go on to live a happy and healthy life with its new beak in place.

They couldn’t release it back to the wild, because there is always the danger of the plastic resin beak breaking off.

BUT, thanks to quick-thinking individuals, this parrot’s life was saved!!

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