This Woman Got Laid Off And Got Revenge In The Most Hilarious Way Possible

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A woman, known as Marchie on TikTok, got laid off from work due to downsizing, and she decided to get her sweet revenge in a hysterical way.

She may be gone, but it will be awhile before she is forgotten. LOL!!


In the TikTok clip that explains her solo exodus from the company, she can be seen laughing her way through her story.

Just try not to laugh, yourself, while watching.

So I was laid off and Friday was my last day and I was the only member of my team to get laid off which really super sucked.


She didn’t want to leave, and so she took matters into her own hands. And now, she won’t be leaving for quite some time.

What did this TikTok woman do when she got laid off?

She had a bunch of tiny pictures of herself printed, and she hid them around the office.


To prove that I will never actually leave, I hid these tiny pictures of myself all over the office with different things in the speech bubble.


She shows a tiny picture of herself with the word “bazinga” written in the thought bubble.

But, this was not the only picture she hid.


See, she numbered the many photos — but skipped some numbers here and there.

So, her employer spent all day looking for the pictures, but never knew if they had them all, because of the missing numbers.

Evil genius, right?!?


And at 3:30 today on Monday, I’ve been informed that this is what they’ve been [looking for the pictures] all day.


You can see Marchie’s hilarious TikTok HERE.


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