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Ryan Reynolds Just Announced His New Show And Gave A Shoutout To His Fourth Child In The Process

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Ryan Reynolds — Do I even have to tell you what he’s been in? — has a brand new show coming out, and he made the big announcement on his Instagram page. Where else would you make a big announcement?!?

At the same time he announced his show, he made a subtle shoutout to his fourth child — whom he had with his wife, Blake Lively, back in February.

The idea for a show made to help everyone fall asleep was born the same day as my fourth child. 


Bedtime Stories With Ryan promises to be a restful show that will help you go to sleep.

Ryan Reynolds

I could definitely curl up in my bed every night, and get ready to sleep while Ryan Reynolds tells me a bedtime story!

According to Ryan Reynolds, himself, this show has “the express goal of putting people to sleep.”

Ryan Reynolds

This show has actually been a dream of mine for a while. Story time is a nighttime staple in our home and is a daily reminder of the power of storytelling.

Ryan Reynolds

So, basically, Ryan will be reading us a bedtime story in his sexy soothing voice, and it will help lull us into a peaceful sleep.

I’m down! How about you?

Ryan Reynolds

’Bedtime Stories With Ryan’ is a magical mix of joy and relaxation — These may be legendary stories, but Ryan’s voice and personality amplify each one, turning them into classics for a new generation.

Pamela Duckworth, head of Fubo Studios

Bedtime Stories With Ryan will be making its debut on Tuesday, dropping on the Maximum Effort Channel (of which Ryan is a co-founder) on FuboTV.

The Maximum Effort Channel is going to be available on Fubo, but also on other streaming networks to be announced soon.

Ryan Reynolds

You can watch the trailer for Bedtime Stories With Ryan below.

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