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Yeah, About That Whole Nail Polish Thing

 I’d like to talk about a little problem I have. You see, I own way too much nail polish.

It’s just so pretty, and you can do so much stuff with it, and any time your mood changes, you can change out the colors, and… and… and…

Well, now I feel like I am just making excuses for myself.

The thing that really gets me about nail polish is– how much can you really have? I mean, there are only SO MANY colors, right? I can’t possibly own– say over a hundred bottles… that would be insane. Wouldn’t it?

“Where would I keep it all,” you ask?

Oh, you know… on my nail polish shelf…

Yeah, that’s an actual shelf in my office. it holds nothing but nail polish. (Side: I’ve actually been thinking of getting some of those stair step things you can buy for spice racks so that I can see all the colors at once. I wonder if I am crafty enough to just make one?)

Here’s the sad part… I haven’t actually USED all that nail polish. There are some in there that I’ve never even opened! How sad is that… all those adorable little colors, lonely and unused.

So, I think you know what I have to do… don’t you?

Oh yeah, that’s right… I have to use it ALL.


Wow, I erased that THREE TIMES after typing it. I am scared.

The rules are simple. I have to use them all at least once–I am allowed to re-use colors, but ONLY in the event I am currently wearing a new color somewhere. If I am given nail polish for any reason I can add it to my collection… but I am NOT ALLOWED TO buy more until I have used each and every polish on that shelf! ( And for the record, my skittle nails TOTALLY count as using five polishes at one time to start off this little adventure of mine!)

Hold me.


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