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You Can Make Your Own Easy Felt Grim Reaper Doll Just In Time For Halloween

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You can make your own Grim Reaper Doll out of felt, and who knew that death could be so dang cute?!?


Far too often in this job I come across things that I simply can’t pass up, and this is definitely one of those things.

There have been plenty of other things that I couldn’t live without: these Black Studded Converse Sneakers, these Charm It! Bracelets (don’t judge), and this Nine Flavor Cookie Recipe are but a few of my most recent obsessions.


But, the minute I saw this stinkin’ adorable Grim Reaper Felt Doll, I knew that I simply must try my hand at making my own.


The good thing about making a felt doll is that you don’t need much skill (Thank God). There’s no crocheting or knitting involved. Heck, you don’t even use a sewing machine!

You just basically print and cut out the pattern, put the pieces in the right spots, and hand stitch the doll together.

The hardest part of the whole thing is trying not to stab yourself with the sewing needle.

This Grim Reaper Doll Pattern (in PDF format) includes detailed step by step pictures and instructions, a materials list, a basic stitching guide, and real size pattern for print.


You don’t even have to mess with adjusting the size of the pattern. It prints from your computer exactly the size the pieces are supposed to be!

It is important to note that you are NOT getting a completed project.


What you are paying for is the PDF pattern that you can use over and over again.

Your completed Grim Reaper Doll will be about 5.3 inches (13.5 cm) tall. It’s just the PERFECT size to double as an ornament. You can stick a hook in the top and hang it on a Halloween tree.


This Grim Reaper Doll Pattern is only $5! No need for shipping and handling, because you immediately get your downloadable PDF pattern once your payment clears.

You can get your own downloadable Grim Reaper Doll Pattern from the MimiBoom shop on Etsy.


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