Ritz Crackers Released A 10-Inch Cracker That’s The Perfect Size For An Edible Charcuterie Board

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Usually your charcuterie board is inedible, you know, the plate that holds your salami, cheese and olives; however, RITZ Crackers has changed the game with their new edible party platters.

That’s right, you can now eat the dang board that holds your snacks and I’m not complaining because that means there are also less dishes to clean.


The 10-inch cracker is an essential for your holiday charcuterie board and just make sure to roll with the compliments because you and I both know that the family will be impressed with the new board you’re presenting.


The limited-edition holiday party platter is currently not in stores, although, you can win one off Instagram and here’s how.


Fans must comment below the new product’s Instagram picture with two hashtags including #RITZPartyPlatter #Sweepstakes and must also follow @RITZCrackers on Instagram too.


Oh and one more thing, you must enter by 11:59 tonight ET!


Once you win, then you can celebrate, of course while also socially distancing.


Now with any special released product or limited editions, there’s always a chance that RITZ crackers can make this product permanent on grocery store shelves, so we can only hope for a Christmas miracle this year.


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