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Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream Is Back and We Cannot Contain Our Excitement

I LOVE Little Debbie Cakes. I little too much…I do my best to keep them out of our house so I don’t devour them!

Now I’m in BIG trouble. Because the only thing I love more than Little Debbie Cakes….is ice cream.

Little Debbie

I’m salivating over here. I can only imagine this is going to be the most magical tasting ice cream on planet earth and I want it in my belly NOW.

This is going to be a vanilla ice cream with actual chunks of the Little Debbie Christmas Trees (golden cake with cream in the middle and frosting on the outside).

Little Debbie

It will also have the sprinkles mixed in the ice cream!

These are going to be exclusive to Walmart and are hitting shelves now for around $2.50 a pint, so get your freezer cleared out to stock up!

I love Christmas ice cream so much.

Little Debbie