The Part Where I Sound Like a Nike Commercial

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Yesterday I was all about breaking the blogging rules, and you know what… so were you guys.

Dude, why are we all putting this kind of pressure on ourselves to be the perfect bloggers? I am so proud of us for saying to hell with the rules.

But that got me to thinking about my word.

My what? Well, a few years ago when I was really into scrapbooking, I read something about picking one simple word in January and making that your focus for the year. It’s usually an action word, because like, if you picked Cantaloupe or whatever, it might not really have the effect you’re going for.

But you know, whatever… to each their own, I guess.

Anyway, I’ve always liked the idea of picking a word, but I’ve never really followed through with it.

So, this year, I am going to do it.

Do what, you say? Well, that’s the thing… I am going to do. That’s my word. 2012? The year of the do. (Yeah, I laughed out loud when I typed it.)

And so, when I get stressed, and I over think things, and when I feel like there are 47847321 things to be done, and I just want to go crazy insane. I am going to stop, and I am going to quit freaking out, and do instead.

So, thanks Nike. Maybe I’ll get a brand new pair of sneaks to remind me, eh?



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  1. I like it! I should do this – I think my word will be NOW. It’s not an action word, but it represents what I want to be – someone who does things right away, instead of putting them off.

    Great post! And Happy New Year!

  2. I love it! Although who knows what my word would be. I’m going to be thinking about this all night. Do was a great one!

  3. That’s a good word. I chose hope two years ago and better last year. I didn’t do very well with my word last year, but Hope is my word for life now. Not sure if I’m picking one this year.

  4. Yeah, I like it. You go on an DO with your bad self! I believe!

    The year of the DO!

    1. @Dust, btw – my word would definitely be heal. This is my year to be healthy.

  5. I think my word should be Bold. I need to stop being so worried about every little little thing or about having everything perfect, and just be BOLD.