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You Can Now Get Twix And Snickers Flavored Chocolate Milk and I Need Them

So back in May of last year there was Twix and Snickers Chocolate milk. Then it kind of seemed to disappear.


Well, looks like it is back and people are spotting it in stores again! For people that love a good chocolate milk, this seems like something you would love!

Reading comments it seems like most people are saying that the Twix Chocolate Milk tastes more like the candy bar than the Snickers Chocolate Milk.

These are low-fat and have 8 grams of protein per bottle. They are also high in vitamin A and D! I think I need to go hunt these down for my kiddos!

@Snackbetch on Instagram spotted the Snickers Chocolate Milk at Walmart. It was $5.98 for a case of the chocolatey goodness. So check your local Walmarts and see if you can find them!

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