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A New Pokemon Snap Game Was Just Announced and I’m Freaking Out

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I am so excited right now! I am a 90’s kid and that means I grew up playing Pokemon and to this day, I still do (our family plays Pokemon Go daily).

So, when I just heard that A New Pokemon Snap Game Was Just Announced, I did a little happy dance!!


Earlier today, the Pokemon Company announced New Pokemon Snap, a brand new Pokemon Snap experience for the Nintendo Switch.

According to the announcement on the Pokemon website:

“In New Pokémon Snap, you’ll explore deserts, jungles, and more as you photograph fan-favorite Pokémon and discover never-before-seen Pokémon expressions and behaviors.”


The new Pokemon Snap looks amazing in terms of graphics and color. I mean, it should since the last game was in 1999!

No word on when this will be released but I really, really hope it is soon!

You can check out the first trailer for the New Pokemon Snap game below!

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