Here’s Where You Can Pre-Order The Xbox Series X Right Now

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You can officially order the Xbox Series X right now!! It officially launches November 10, 2020 but do not wait to pre-order yours because they are already selling out!

I just spent 30 minutes refreshing and watching Twitter and BAM Best Buy pops up!

Now, if you are impatient, this pre-order may not be for you BUT if you really want to get one for the holidays, you need to pre-order it. There may not be any around the holidays.

First off, Go to Best Buy Here.

You’ll see the yellow “Pre-order” button. Click that.

It is likely you’ll get an error message at the top BUT do not give up.

I kept clicking that button for about 20 minutes until it was added to my cart.

Once it gets added, hurry over and pay. You can choose in-store pickup, curbside pickup or ship to your home for free.

Hurry though because they keep going out of stock. Just keep refreshing! I, along with tons of others on Twitter was able to get theirs!!

Get your Xbox Series X console here.

Side note: Target, GameStop, Amazon and Microsoft are currently sold out!

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