People Are Sleeping Inside Tents In Their House To Stay Warm and It Is Genius

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By now everyone is aware of the sh*it storm of snow and freezing temps the U.S. is under right now.

If you live in places like Texas right now, my heart goes out to you because you were not prepared for this like we are in Utah.

With that being said, so many people are or have been out of power. It has caused pipes to burst, water damage and pretty much caused everything to freeze.

That means so many have also been without heat.

While you can certainly do things like make mini heaters from flower pots, you also need other creative ways to keep the entire family warm and people sure have gotten creative!

People are putting up tents inside their homes to sleep in and it’s pure genius!

People are taking the tents they take camping and setting them up inside their homes.

Kristy Wolcott

They are then putting blankets inside and having the entire family sleep inside them.


Because having that many bodies in an enclosed space, causing the area to warm up.

Mario Soriano

Mario Soriano posted on Facebook saying:

Tip for those who don’t have heat. Get a tent and place it on your bed. Cover it with 1 or 2 blankets for insulation. This kept our family warm when the temps dropped to 40 in the room but inside the tent it was 80 degrees. We used a $20 tent from Walmart that has been sitting in my garage since last year

Mario Soriano

So, when temps in the house are around 40 degrees, the temps inside the tent with the family inside, are around 80 degrees keeping everyone warm.

This is extremely smart and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before now.

So, if you are freezing cold, bust out that tent and have everyone pile inside it (including the pets). It will keep you all warm until you can get the power and heat back on.

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