‘Underwear Bras’ Are The New Hot Fashion Trend And It’s Actually Kind of Cute

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Skinny jeans are gone, the laughing emoji is so last year and now Gen Z has decided that wearing your underwear is a great substitute for a top.

Lingerie has made a fashion statement this year and apparently women’s underwear is good enough to wear as a full on top.

Courtesy of @shi_and_toni and @evelyncruzblog

A few videos on TikTok have gone viral showing a handful of women making their underwear into what looks similar to a bralette or a swimsuit top and the finished look doesn’t look half bad!

You can’t even tell it’s underwear disguised as a top!

Courtesy of @shi_and_toni

It may take a few tries to do it yourself but from what it looks like, turn the underwear sideways, looping both of your arms through one side leaving the last loop to throw over your head and wallah!

Courtesy of @evelyncruzblog

If you know you know right am I right ladies?

Courtesy of @shi_and_toni

Gen Z has certainly changed the game in the fashion industry, bringing back 90s inspired clothing, making underwear now a wearable top and lets be honest, who can keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends!

What’s next, socks as bracelets?

Courtesy of @shi_and_toni

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