It’s Time to Give a Possession Away!

And the Winner!! The Winner is MEREDITH MCDERMOTT!! CONGRATS MEREDITH! In case you missed my post on Friday, this is Elana Johnson’s launch week! And to celebrate, of course we’re giving stuff away!   I’ve teamed up with some awesome writer/bloggers and here’s what we have in store for you: And today *I’m* hosting the […]


The View From My Hotel Room!


Is fabulous!! I’m in Salt Lake City today and it’s Amazing! So, if you need me I’ll be staring at mountains. I love mountains!   But while I am gone… don’t forget to enter the Possession Giveaway! Don’t forget, this is day two of the Elana Johnson POSSESSION Launch Festival of Awesome! Today, go to Lisa and […]


The Most Fun EVER

possession 2

I am freaking out about next week. You know what happens next week? POSSESSION by my good friend Elana Johnson comes out!! (And I am flying to Utah for her Launch Party) I’m so happy for her–it’s awesome to see your friend’s dream come true. And you guys know me–when I’m happy, I like to […]


Judy and The Not Bummer Summer gives us stuff!

UPDATE! We have a Winner! Nicole from As Many as Given! Nicole! I’ll email you! HOORAY! Congrats to ALL!   Okay, so you know how I’m super picky about giveaways and I only do them if the prize packs are awesome? Well, dude– there’s a totally adorable movie coming out this summer that I’m definitely […]


Bookanistas: Invincible Summer Made Me Smile–And Cry!


Hello Bookanistas! It’s Thursday and that means all over the internet authors are going wild for YA books. Me? I’m laughing, I’m crying– I’m throwing a book across the room in frustration and then running after it because I just couldn’t put down Hannah Moskowitz’s Invincible Summer. It’s a story of a boy and his […]